Saturday, October 4, 2008

Archimedes' screenshots

Hello everyone,
I've just updated the archimedes web site to include user registration. Now, all the content is dynamical. Both the front page as well as the screenshots are dynamically added by a special user (me). I also implemented a release page that will soon become a download page.
The great advantage in all this is not really to the users but mostly to myself. It allows me to easily and quickly update stuff about Archimedes. Once the download page is up, I should probably give it a rest for some time. Work a bit more on the software itself.

I hope to improve this system to plug it to the repository ( and have releases and a few more stuff updated automatically. It would be fantastic. If I get it to work, I might even open this to more people to create their projects in another website. Archimedes' site will become a plug in forge in that case. I'm investing a lot into this quick feedback tool in order free more time to code later on. Let's hope it works.

During my development I found a small bug in attachment_fu. If you do not specify an image processor to your image model and you use ImageScience, gif thumbnails' path get messed up. I've sent the patch to Rick Olson but if you want it, it is simple. Open up attachment_fu.rb, go to line 85 and 86 and change them from:
attachment_options[:processor] = "#{processors.first}Processor"
processor_mod = Technoweenie::AttachmentFu::
attachment_options[:processor] = processors.first
processor_mod = Technoweenie::AttachmentFu::Processors.const_get("#{attachment_options[:processor].to_s.classify}Processor")

Restart your server and this should do the trick.

Well, that's it for now.
Bye bye


Camillo Troiano said...

a LOT of people are searching for an OS CAD. Hope this project will grow well.
How many developers are in the project?

Hugo Corbucci said...

You are talking to the only one :)
My team is composed of undergrad students that take a one semester course each year. So I work alone half of the year most of the time. Been having a hard time getting support (either developpers or designers or testers or documentation writers).

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