Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Holidays are over and new archimedes version

Hello everyone,
The end of the year is always complicated. This year I had an extra since I am trying to move to new apartment. Luckily, to plan my move, I wanted to have a plan of the place and this sent me back to Archimedes. When I tried to use it, I discovered several bugs that stopped me from working. So I spent a pretty good amount of time solving some of those problems.

So I've just release a new version with several of those fixes. I have already discovered 4 others bugs in this unstable version and I am working to fix them. I am also working on PDF exporting system again. Most of the code just needs to be adapted and a few classes for the eclipse's system. Extend is also on going but I am not sure I will manage to distribute it on the next stable version without delaying too much.

I also closed (removed all files from) the repository on and let a file saying that everything (including the history) has been moved to
This should improve the overall bandwith and allow me to trying and implement a few features on the archimedes website (which is pretty stalled right now).