Tuesday, March 6, 2007

In love with my MacBook Pro

I'm sorry I'm late with posting my article about automating your build and installer generation. There are two main reasons for that. The first one is that I have to learn how to do it before I can write about it. I kind of have an idea about how to do it but I should start to write a couple script and test it before I write a load of craps about it.

The second reason is that I just received my brand new MacBook Pro. This is mainly taking most of my time since I want to try every feature I discover on it. Totally got me impressed. As many say, once you try a Mac, you think twice before coming back to another OS. I could tell you that, for sure, I'm going to stay REALLY away from Windows since the only thing I used to do on Windows was playing games. But since most games I play are available for Mac, really no need to use Windows.

I wouldn't go as far as to say I'm quitting Linux that fast however. I surely believe Mac OS X is a much nicer Desktop interface and since it has a sort of Unix core I can use most of my scripts and things in it.
There are some limitations however and the problem of losing some freedom. I am, however, very pleased to see that, for once, I paid for something that was worth it. Very stable, very nice, very pretty, lots of cool features and cool softwares.

For sure I now recommend Mac for people who don't give a damn about freedom to alter the code (since usually they don't even know what "the code" is) and want a very productive and good interface.

If some day (and I doubt it) Mac opens their source code, I would consider it the best OS for personal computers anyone. Some miles ahead of Linux and some year lights ahead of Windows for sure. I should here apologize to the Gnome and KDE developers, you guys are doing a freaking good job, but Mac OS X managed to accomplish an amazing work and the Leopard version (to come yet this year they say) should bring the little features I'm missing a bit using Tiger.

Anyway, as you can read, I'm totally thrilled about my new computer so I'm a bit behind schedule on any thing while trying to have it fully configured for extensive use. If I don't have the next post ready until the week end, I promise I'll do it for Sunday.