Monday, September 29, 2008

Archimedes' site becoming a forge

Hello there,
I've been working on website a little lately. It just happens that I have been working on it to make it a forge instead of a simple project website.
The idea is that I can host any plugin development to archimedes on the site providing a repository and a nice bug tracking system and system presentation. It is also open source and is already available at It works using Ruby on Rails 2.0.2 (I know I'm a bit outdated) and so far only has features for archimedes.

So far the system is pretty simple. I have projects, each project has versions.
There are users and users can have a ProjectMembership relationship with a project (and vice-versa).
My next step is to create a screenshot posting system that relates them to versions. This way screenshots can be dated and related to versions and operating system (still to be created). I hope I managed to improve this part until next sunday and then release it to the site itself.

I am trying to get a repository dump of current archimedes' subversion repository because I want to migrate it to the new address. However, it looks like people are too busy to run a command line to help me at the incubadora. I will insist and, luckily, we will soon have a new home with all the commit logs and past under archimedes' address. It will give me more control over what happens and how to track it.

That's it for now. Work calls. Bye bye!

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