Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Archimedes' marketing first step

I've worked a little on Archimedes' first marketing steps.
I've changed the DNS pointers to my dreamhost account and set up a first version of the website. It currently only features the main page and I am working on the Screenshot page. Screenshots will be related to an operating system and a version. This way, people will be able to see screenshots and know how their Archimedes should look like in their computer.
I am working on the model of this and hsould restrict access to a few stuff on that. I hope I can finish this by this weekend. This might also produce the Download page since I will need to have versions which will be linked to the files of those versions.

I also payed for another 5 years of archimedes.org.br and arquimedes.org.br so the website is ensure for some time.

Finally, I am trying to reply bug reports and solve them as quickly as I can. I am focusing on Bug Reports and Support Requests leaving Features aside until I can have the current version working decently. Please send me feedbacks about any of those.

See you later.

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