Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Archimedes marketing

On my trip to São Carlos, I read most of Karl Fogel's book: "Producing Open Source Software" which I bought to help me on my masters. I realized Archimedes' greater problems come from my lack of care to the marketing department. I have been failing over and over to gather volunteers as well as keeping my users interested.
Most of this is due to the very low rate of updates at the website as well as the access failure caused by the University's server being down. I am planning to move both the website as well as the svn server to my Dreamhost account. This would allow me to maintain a much more customized website with a few integration tools that I find essential. I will keep the SourceForge website up and running but most of it will be proxied to the website.
The next month will be very busy (you could see that on this post) but I am already working on the website both on the layout as well as the application. I will try to maintain it agile and balanced with Archimedes' development meaning I will try to release partial versions slowly. The first step is to transfer the domain's DNS to my Dreamhost account and set up the basics. I would most surely like to have some feedback on both the layout (with suggestion) as well as the content (once I have something online).

For now, I let you with that screenshot of what I thought about and hope you can provide me some feedback. Thank you!


Unknown said...

Looks good! I'm looking forward to the new site!

Anonymous said...

Looks good! I'm looking forward to the new site! But i hope you can update archimedes more frecuently because it is a sad if you have a great web but an outdated software.



Hugo Corbucci said...

So do I. :)
But having the software and no website has showed I don't attract people to help me.
I hope the website overcome that and with people's help I can release more frequently. Let's see.