Sunday, April 13, 2008

Speeding up releases

It is, indeed, much better to record shorter screencasts. At least for my productivity.
I managed to produce another couple (English and Portuguese) episode of my screencasts between yesterday and today. So expect more frequent releases.
This episode (02) shows how to create conditionals in Smalltalk and give a very brief example of blocks. I strongly suggest watching the previous episode (available on this blog here) to get the context. I hope to have two more ready tomorrow about blocks and loops. This way I expect to release two more about classes and tests before I leave São Paulo to go to the FISL (International Forum of Software Libre).

I think I will try to write shorter posts also so I can be a bit more frequent with them also. Keeping this active is always a challenge to me.

For now, enjoy the screencasts.
Download the English version here or see it on Google Video.
Download the Portuguese version here or see it on Google Video.

Bye bye!

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