Wednesday, May 2, 2007

More errors & Archimedes screenshots

People always say we should do things while rested and without rush. Otherwise we will screw everything and make it all go wrong all the time. I never really listen to those advices although I really believe they are 100% correct. That is a BIG mistake!

This BIG mistake made me screw out two Archimedes' releases in a row. 0.50.0 was a crap because the zip files were trash and the linux (and windows) installers and zips did NOT contained the OpenGL plugin required to be able to see any drawing. The next day I was there, tired again, trying to fix all the problems and, as it should be, I fixed a couple of them but never even realized that my regular expression to match the openGL plugin was NOT matching with the windows plugin. Just to have a last cherry on the cake, I found out later on (at work) that for some mysterious reason, the linux opengl plugin was generating a nice and friendly crash regarding something on the native library. So great!

This means I will release later on today yet another version of Archimedes with not 1 more feature just trying to have the bloody files to work! While I don't complete this work, I will attend to a request from a greek reader to post some Archimedes's screenshots. I took those using the deploy generated by pde for that next version. Let's hope my script will not screw everything up once again! If it does, I will be forced to stop all development and have Archimedes' core and all the plugins compiled and tested by maven2. This should solve my problems at least for some time.

The first screenshot is a clean view of a drawing on MacOS X (from my development laptop):

The second screenshot is a view of Archimedes with a nice very simple drawing during an arc creation on Ubuntu (GNU/Linux):

The last one is the layer editor view of Archimedes on Windows:

We will probably have nicer and better screenshots after the next release (in about 3 weeks) and I will update the ones at sourceforge and those ones then. For now, this is all. I will be back as soon as possible.