Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Last week of release

Ok! I AM late!
I admit it. But at least I remembered.
Haven't got tons of news. We are entering the last week of iteration and basically this will be devoted to improve the software in a programmer point of view. This means we won't be adding features. The work planned is to improve the software's tests (that are kind of messy since the migration) and maybe focus on a better build system using maven2. I should release the version 0.52.0 late on Sunday or maybe early on Monday.
I could already give some insights. The first one is that we will be using the recently published truetype fonts from RedHat since they are compatible with the Windows core fonts and are GPL compatible. Those will be distributed with Archimedes to ensure full compatibility across platforms. I would like to thank gtroza for this tip.
The other one is not so good. We will not be delivering any persistence system yet. The old xml persistence system that existed previously is not yet ported to this new architecture because we are figuring a way to make it flexible enough to fit all our requirements. The PDF export is not ready either... Those will probably be the highest priority in the next release so it should be done in a month.
Mainly that is it about Archimedes. The rest I have talked about on the last few weeks.
I will probably not post any other news for the rest of the week since I will focus on having the release decently ready and tested not to have as many problems as last time. Again, no screenshot since you will be able to see the news by yourselves!

Bye Bye!

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