Monday, June 9, 2008

Releasing unstable versions again

I am forcing myself to release unstable versions again to try to automatize the process a bit more.
So far I have managed to improve the sourceforge publication decently. There are yet another 3 sites that are much more painful to update that contain archimedes versions.

I think I will adopt the following rule. Unstable versions go to Sourceforge Only. Stable versions go to the other sites also. This way, maybe I can keep up the habit to release unstable very often (once a week).

This unstable (0.55.0) contain the export feature working nicely, the trim command back but not working and the infinite line intersector. The team is now working on the Trim system and the import one. So next version may be able to load files and trim correctly.

Files can be downloaded at Archimedes' sourceforge site. Enjoy it!

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