Friday, June 20, 2008

Archimedes saving and opening!

It took a very long time and several complains but it is finally back.
Archimedes' new version (0.56.0) reintroduces open and save feature. We maintained the xml file format with a few minor modifications from the last version. It is not backwards compatible but if you need such support, I can easily write a small translator. Just post a feature request at sourceforge or a comment here.

There are still a few things I would like to improve on that system (such as disabling import/export as well as open/save when there are no importer/exporter or nativeFormat extensions loaded). I've finally (just now) also improved my generate installer script to generate a source zip file. This way anyone can get the source code related to that version whenever they wish. I remind everyone also that our subversion repository is open (as always) at: The rcp version (which is the one being released lately) can be found at

I also decided that unstable releases will only be launched at sourceforge while stable ones will be announced at sourceforge, gnomefiles, wikipedia, codeplex and the brazilian portals (incubadora and codigolivre). I also decided most files will be hosted at sourceforge and the other portals will only refer to the online installer or the full installer since those are more generic.

Last, but not least, the next plan is to get the team working on trim and extend to add those backs by July 10th. I will work on improving the open/save system and try to readd export to svg, pdf, jpg, bmp and png. Since I believe most of the code can be reused from older versions, I might be quite quick to implement it.

That's it for now people. Please send us your feedback!

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