Thursday, March 27, 2008

More screencasting

I had a really good feedback about my first screencast with a couple suggestions, helps and ideas. The first suggestion is that I should improve my screencasting environment. First buying a usb microphone (and headphone) and then a local screencast software with mouse effects and keyboards exibitions. Can't solve everything now but I've made some improvements. Got the keyboard and mouse problems solved and ordered a usb mic. Researched a lot about the screencast softwares but couldn't really make my mind about it.

I've recorded two more screencasts. The first one is an English speaking version of the Morphic example I posted previously. I've already received critics about it and I'm gonna try to improve next time but I can't ensure anything (speaking in English uses a considerable cpu share in my head). But here goes the links: - Requires Java 1.5 browser plugin
Or you can see it here (problem is that is it very tiny and no fullscreen option):

The other one is in Portuguese and focuses on the Squeak developments tools. It was recorded based on a developer's image assembled by Damien Cassou. I present Smalltalk blocks, the conditional system and the loop one. All the code use the Transcript and Workspace widgets to write code detached from a class. I still haven't received my new headset so the voice is still pretty low and I was a bit sick when I recorded it so you can hear me cough. The sound was improved in the mp4 version so you can hear a bit better. As I said, it is only availble in Portuguese for now but I hope to keep the pace and release an English version along with the next portuguese episode next week. You can see the screencast (if you speak Portuguese and/or don't care about the very low voice) at: - Requires Java 1.5 browser plugin
Or see here (tiny video, good sound, will post feature request for blogger to add a fullscreen option):

Enjoy it people!
Bye bye

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