Wednesday, March 19, 2008

And rejected... once more

That's it people. The Free Software Competence Center was rejected once more as a mentoring organization at Google Summer of Code. Therefore Archimedes will NOT receive fundings to contribution projects. Back on lonely development for another year. Sorry people.

Another news is that I have a 3 graduation students and 3 masters students team starting to work on Archimedes next week. They chose to continue the Rich Client development which means I will keep the non-RCP version going by myself.
The bad part of this is that it will evolve slowlier but the good part is that the RCP version might reach a very good state by the end of the semester if everything works fine. Our plans are to implement the intersection features in order to have snap, trim, extend and other intersection dependent features in the RCP version.

Another good news is that I've hired Dreamhost to host a couple of sites related to my family. Those are my mother's french litterature site ( and my father's architecture office site ( that we are rebuilding on rails. I will migrate all Archimedes resources and infos to Dreamhost when I get some time. This will mean a new website for archimedes with a much better system (that I hope to build) than the one on sourceforge or the incubadora. This blog will also be migrated there whenever I get some time. I'll post a warning here when I do migrate it.

Next post coming up is about my current work on screencasts for Smalltalk, Squeak and Seaside. See you soon.


Brian Jorgensen said...

Is it still OK if I contribute? ;-)

Hugo "NighT" Corbucci said...

Hahaha! :)
Obviously. Now, more than ever, Archimedes need contributions :)