Thursday, February 28, 2008

Research in progress paper to Agile 2008

I've just posted a research paper at Agile 2008.
It describes partially the work I have been doing in my masters. I will post the abstract since it was not supposed to be in the paper itself:
Agile methods and open source software communities share similar cultures with different approaches to overcome problems. Although several people are involved in both worlds, neither agile methodologies are not as strong as they could be in open source communities nor are those communities known for their collaboration in agile methods. This work intends to identify and expose the obstacles that separate those communities in order to extract the best of them and improve both sides with suggestions of tools and development processes.
I think it might have been better but I am quite happy with it. I will correct a few details thanks to Barbara Dieu, my former english teacher who is responsible only the correct parts of my writing, no the bad ones (I learned those on my own).

Agile 2008 has two very good proposals related to the work I am doing. The first one is from Mary Poppendieck (very strong player in the Lean community) and Christian Reis from Async that I had the pleasure to meet about a month ago. I am pretty confident they will get accepted and I will surely be there to see this. Another work that is related to their but kind of opposed to it in the sense that it uses Open source as a basis instead of Agile is this one by

Finally, I also submitted a session proposal with Danilo Sato, about the Coding Dojo he started and I'm keeping running with a couple friends here in São Paulo. Since it is a very long session, we're not sure people will understand the benefits of it or difference with previous Dojo experiences. Let's wait an see if people like the idea or not. I also helped Danilo submit another proposal related to the Dojo with Mariana Bravo and they are bit more confident since this session was a much shorter one. Let's hope both happen. And for now, feedback for all of those is welcome. See you!

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