Friday, February 29, 2008

Agile courses in São Carlos

A couple weeks ago, I participated as an instructor in an agile course in São Carlos for Agilcoop. We used mostly the same slides and structure from the course in São Paulo available here. It was a 36 persons class with various backgrounds and age. Although instructors felt it as one of the best courses we gave so far, the feedback from the class wasn't that good.
For the courses, our Net Promoter Score were:
São PauloSão Carlos

It should mean that students from São Carlos liked less the theoretical course and more the practical one while São Paulo had the opposite effect. Considering those are different persons with different motivations and expectations, I would believe one course was as good as the other one and just the expectations were different.

The results of the practical course are also available here for São Paulo and here for São Carlos. The project is pretty nice but students had many problems with the Java Server Faces (JSF) technology. We expect to reduce this overhead for next courses by changing the project to something simpler. Maybe using Jabber or some instant message API. If you have any suggestions for projects that require little background knowledge, let me know. Bye bye!

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