Wednesday, January 23, 2008

A very short summary of OOPSLA 2007

OOPSLA was amazing! I reported the first 2 days but the rest was just great also. The most memorable events I participated are:
  • The NSB (No Silver Bullet) workshop that brought me a lot of knowledge and very interesting discussions. The result is not that important but participating was a far more enriching experience.
  • The NSB panel with an extra-ordinary performance by the werewo... I mean, Martin Fowler. There is a small 2 mins video to give people an idea of what happend at:
  • The "50 in 50" presentation by Dick Gabriel and Guy Steele. A real great work of art!
  • The poster session that gave me a very good chance to talk to people which is the best part in those events.
  • And the "off-topic" talk about a great parallel between geographic exploration and knowledge exploration established through maps. Makes you think a lot!
This was it to OOPSLA 07 and I hope to participate and maybe meet you at OOPSLA'08 in Nashville.

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