Wednesday, October 10, 2007

News after almost 2 months

It is quite evident that I'm not a compulsive writter. Almost 2 months since my last post now but I've got some pretty good amount of news.

First and sad news: The paper was reject by the ETX comittee. The following reasons were the principal ones that got it rejected:
  • It was not clear enough in the sense that the english writting was not very good.
  • The paper had to focus mainly on either the project history and then be a paper about a success case of using Eclipse's RCP or on the technical side. This last one should bring to discussions the main CAD architecutres and discuss the impact eRCP could have on it.
  • The last reviewer said that the project and the article were pretty good but it lacked an implementation to prove itself usefull. I don't know if I didn't understood the comments or if the reviewer really (REALLY) didn't understand what we wrote.
So, as they say, better luck next time right? We will work more to get it accepted for next year's OOPSLA.

Other than that: Archimedes is currently almost completetly stalled. I haven't been finding time to code anything on the project with the master's work. It is sad to admit but I should only be able to refocus on the project in december or beginning of the next year. I surely hope next year I will have again another group of volunteers to work on the project on the XP course.

More personal matters and things that might interest this blog's readers. I will attend (with Mariana) at the OOPSLA '07 anyway. We were accepted as student volunteers so we will spend our whole week (from the 20th to the 25th) helping the people from the organization to make this amazing conference. I cannot promise much but I can assure everyone that me and Mariana are going to do our best to post everything we can on this blog about the OOPSLA. Maybe we even broadcast a couple talks if we manage to (and are allowed to). Once we find out what will be the infrastructure there, we will try to keep you guys up to date.
We leave São Paulo the 18th evening and reach Montreal the 19th morning. Works might start the 20th and we will stay in Montreal until the 27th (or 28th) depending on some details.

Last, but not least, I've classified with my team (Jeferson R. da Silva and Marcio Oshiro) to participate in the brazilian's finals ( in portuguese) for the ACM ICPC programming maraton contest ( So I will be in Belo Horizonte from the 9th november to the 11th. We surely hope to manage to be in the top 10 this year and we are training a lot for it (which is the reason why Archimedes lost my coding time).

Well, that's about it. And remember, from the 20th to the 25th, stay tunned because news will be flowing quickly here. See you guys.

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