Sunday, May 18, 2008

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As usual, I am late with my duties.

The Dojo São Paulo now has a blog where we post the summary of each meeting. We also have a list where Mariana posted the link to our article about our experience that will be published at Agile 2008. And finally, we created a Dojo São Paulo git repository at Github. It is supposed to host the projects started at the Dojo. It currently hosts only the Dojo Unit which is the C Unit testing library we started working on. I have been working on it quite a few to make it a bit more effective. It is, so far, strongly based on conventions and limited to very small projects. If it grows a bit stronger I will post again about it.

I am not at home now but as soon as I get back, I will update my whole archimedes tree and release version 0.54. It marks the return of intersection features such as intersection grip and selection by intersection. Tomorrow the team will define what will be the next goal and I will post it as it gets defined.

I have defined the next screencast's script and I hope to record it tomorrow and post it then. I would like to say I am very disapointed with Google Videos since they are failing to process the screencasts I try to upload. I will try something else later but I lack enthusiam.

That's it for now. See you later folks.


Anonymous said...

Hi, I'm a fan of archimedes're speaking about a 0.54 version...where can I download 0.53 version?In the last is 0.52...
Thank you!

Hugo Corbucci said...

Hello Corrado,
0.53 was never released.
Odd minor versions numbers are unstable versions. I should release them weekly but I am a bit rusty in the process and forgot to release it in the last 3 weeks. I promise I will try to release them more often.


Anonymous said...

Ah ok, thank you, I didn't understand!