Monday, April 2, 2007

Can't keep promisses

Okay! I admit it: I can not keep my promises regarding publication.
This is clear when you look at the blog's history and at the Archimedes' history.
So I'll try not to make any other promise. (Remark I am not making it a promise)

Anyway, regarding the automization process of Rich Client Applications: I found a nice article about using maven2 to make the whole build and testing process. You can find it here. My next mission is to take a deep look in that article and try to make archimedes use this.
It would deeply improve the build creation and maintenance and would allow me to use a continuum (or similar) server to deploy up to date sites with documentation.

Other then that, Archimedes is, at the moment, more or less like it was in version 0.6.0. This is aproximately the current status of features. The new atempt is to publish a "stable" version april 16th but I am pretty sure it will lack some of the most important features.

Anyway, that is about it. I'm using about 25% of my coding time to try and keep this blog and the sourceforge news up to date which means I am programming much less then I would like but since so many people pointed out that the projects infos should be always updated, I am doing what I can to keep this true.

I hope I'll be back next week with more news.

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