Thursday, February 15, 2007

Initial post

My name is Hugo and I'm a brazilian programmer but I'll write this blog in english for some reasons. The main reason for that is that I wish to share my programming and coding experience with as many people as possible. The second reason is that I really need to practice my writting in english (in other languages also but I'll handle that somewhere else).

I should have explained this earlier but this blog will be used to report several information about my programming experiences and problems faced. Most of my code is written in Java so you'll find a lot of infos about Java specificities and platforms available for it.

The main thing that drove me to start this is the lack of information there is about Eclipse's Rich Client Platform. I found several problem using it and I wanted to share those experiences. Another important part of this blog will be dedicated to Archimedes. I started this project almost 2 years ago (around july 2005) and I'll use this blog to give some infos from inside it's development.

This should be the main road although some things may come out of it from time to time. Of course, all comments and critics are welcome (even if it regards my crappy english spelling and grammar).


Anonymous said...

hey Nitao!
what's this I hear about archimedes 0.52?! last I heard it was 0.17.1!

is the project going to be open to outside input this year? I think I might be able to find time to help code, and I'm sure there are others who would as well. what about using google's summer of code to boost the project? (I'm wary of google, but some seem to like it)

I'm watching this blog, waiting for more ;)

Hugo "NighT" Corbucci said...

Hi Ned.
Archimedes will have a jump of versions since we made major changes and we cannot say it is an improvement to what we had before.

Although most of the code is being reused, the features and some of the algorithms are not ready and will have to be rewritten (to allow a greater flexibility). This will impact to the end user as Archimedes having a roll back of a few versions. Therefore I think it is better to show a discontinuation of the last version line.

This new architecture will be much more friendly to external contributions since people will be able to develop plugins to add features without having to even talk to us and then get those plugins integrated quickly.

We wanted to try to apply as a mentoring organization this year at the google summer of code, but we had technical problems and the websites we created for it were lost. This means we were not accepted and will have to wait another year to get any help from them.

Will do my best to publish the article I promised this week end. (btw, this blog is google hosted :))